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Clothing by UrbanPup

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  • Balmoral Wool Sweater

    A modern version of a traditional style finished with a crew neck and Ideal for summer or winter, resurrected for the catwalk for 2011 and a big hit in all the big city's of New York, Paris, Rome and London.
    £21.95  Delivery From £2.00 & Free Returns
  • Black Fabric Coat with Fur Collar & Leather Belt

    This is a really smart fabric coat with black leather accessories, fibre lining, elasticised arms and a black / grey fur collar for a warm snug fit.
    £24.95  Delivery From £2.00 & Free Returns
  • Fuschia Fleece-lined Raincoat

    Protect your pup from the rain with this waterproof fleece-lined raincoat in vivid Fuschia.
    £20.95  Delivery From £2.00 & Free Returns
  • GlamourGlitz Little Devil Dog Hoodie

    Exclusive GlamourGlitz 100% Cotton Hoodie.
    £14.95  Delivery From £2.00 & Free Returns
  • GlamourGlitz Skull & Crossbones Dog Hoodie

    Exclusive GlamourGlitz 100% Cotton Hoodie.
    £14.95  Delivery From £2.00 & Free Returns
  • Legally Blonde ''HARVARD'' Dog T-Shirt

    If you want the authentic Legally Blonde look then this HARVARD t-shirt is the one for your four legged friend.
    £12.95  Delivery From £2.00 & Free Returns
  • Nordic Reindeer Sweater

    Can there be anything more seasonal than this fantastic retro Reindeer sweater, it's fun, it's warm, it's stylish and can be worn right through the Winter months, though ideal for Christmas day.
    £18.95  Delivery From £2.00 & Free Returns
  • Pink Quilted Coat with Hood and Ears

    A practical and fun quilted coat in beautiful baby pink, fleece lined to keep you pup snug and warm and it is trimmed in faux fur along the hood and hem.
    £23.95  Delivery From £2.00 & Free Returns
  • Red / Black Tartan Teddy Bear Duffle Coat

    A beautiful tartan Duffle coat that any Teddy Bear would be proud of, it features a toggle fastening with a contrast black check yoke to the back.
    £25.95  Delivery From £2.00 & Free Returns
  • Red Highland Tartan Fleece-Lined Coat

    The coat is pleasant and soft, and the button closure will make sure your pup will stay warm and happy.
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    £23.95  Delivery From £2.00 & Free Returns
  • Urbanpup Camouflage Bandana

    If you have an action boy or an action girl this new Urban Pup Camouflage Bandana will be perfect for them.
    £8.95  Delivery From £2.00 & Free Returns

11 Item(s)