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Cat Collars by Bobby

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  • Archipelago Cat Collar

    Practical, coloured nylon collar with bell.
    £8.75  Delivery From £2.00 & Free Returns
  • Bobby Chevron Collection Nylon Cat Collar

    This collar from Bobby is an unusual strip design nylon cat collar, part of the 'chevron collection'. Distinct and fabulous it is a purr-fect choice for your furry friend!
    £8.75  Delivery From £2.00 & Free Returns
  • Bobby Ephmere Collection Nylon Cat Collar

    This lovely stripe design nylon cat collar is part of the 'Ephmere collection' from Bobby.
    £8.75  Delivery From £2.00 & Free Returns
  • Bobby Escapade Leather Cat Collar

    The Bobby Escapade collection extends to the cat collars too!

    3 Review(s)
    £14.29  Delivery From £2.00 & Free Returns
  • Bobby Glitter Cat Collar

    Leather glittery cat collar. Available in 6 different colours (gold, silver, grey, pink, blue and red). With Safety release and bell.
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    £9.89  Delivery From £2.00 & Free Returns
  • Dolls Cat Collar

    Ribbon with coloured dots sewn on braided nylon rope.
    £7.40  Delivery From £2.00 & Free Returns
  • Flight Cat Collar

    Stylish and original collar for all elegant cats.
    £20.85  Delivery From £2.00 & Free Returns
  • Girly Cat Collar

    Nylon cat collar. Ribbon with knot pattern, sewn on braided nylon rope. Bell. Quick and easy elastic fastening. Anti-strangulation system. 100 % nylon. Machine washable (30°). Taking off the charm is recommended. Size: L 30cm X W 1cm X Neck Size 17-26cm.
    £7.40  Delivery From £2.00 & Free Returns

8 Item(s)