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Medium Leather Dog Collars

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  • Basix British Bulldog Collar

    Smart looking British Dog studded collar.
    £16.80  Delivery From £2.00 & Free Returns
  • Bobby College Leather Dog Collar

    The College Collection from Bobby is made in France and incoropates a leather dog collar with a reflective yoke and leather pendant charm.
    £30.79  Delivery From £2.00 & Free Returns
  • Bobby Crystal Leather Dog Collar Collection

    The Crystal Dog Collar Collection from Bobby is upmarket, chic and perfect for any discerning dog.
    £54.99  Delivery From £2.00 & Free Returns
  • Bobby Escapade Leather Dog Collar Collection

    Made in France and incorporating the softest Lambskin leather into a classically styled dog collar.

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    £27.49  Delivery From £2.00 & Free Returns
  • Bobby Greyhound Leather Dog Collar

    The Greyhound collar from Bobby is made from soft lambskin leather and features a smart fleur-de-lys rivet on it in a gold colour.
    £34.10  Delivery From £2.00 & Free Returns
  • Bobby Summer Collection Leather Dog Collar

    Supple lambs leather gives a soft finish, with silver bones embellished around the collar.

    £23.65  Delivery From £2.00 & Free Returns
  • Diamante Doggy Leather Collar

    Add a touch of bling to your dogs life with these diamante leather collars.
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    £9.99  Delivery From £2.00 & Free Returns
  • Hamish McBeth Leather Chester Dog Collar

    The Chester Cream/Brown Leather Dog Collar from Hamish McBeth is a classically designed collar with oval cut outs revealing brown leather underlay.
    £25.43  Delivery From £2.00 & Free Returns
  • Hamish McBeth Leather Coco Dog Collar

    Classicaly simple in design, the Coco White/Cream Leather Dog Collar is a great choice, particularly for dark coated dogs.
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    £22.43  Delivery From £2.00 & Free Returns
  • Hamish McBeth Leather Savile Row Dog Collar

    Named after the famous street in London of fine suit makers, the Saville Row Tan/Pink/Black Leather Dog Collar designs reflects the skill of a good tailor.
    £32.99  Delivery From £2.00 & Free Returns
  • Hamish McBeth Martingale Collar

    Martingale collars are a great way to control pulling without choking your dog.
    £30.75  Delivery From £2.00 & Free Returns
  • Hiro & Wolf Dog Collar

    A luxury dog collar fit for four-pawed pearly Kings and Queens.
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    £27.50  Delivery From £2.00 & Free Returns
  • Leather Dog Collar With Stars

    Very pretty, affordable leather collar.
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    £7.99  Delivery From £2.00 & Free Returns
  • Masai Dog Collar

    This stylish dog collar is made from durable Masai Shuka fabric, backed onto tough polyester webbing and trimmed with thick, embossed leather.
    £27.50  Delivery From £2.00 & Free Returns
  • Pop Dog Collar

    Your dog will pop out from the crowd with a beautiful Italian leather collar from Pampered.
    £9.00  Delivery From £2.00 & Free Returns
  • Skull & Crossbones Diamante Collar

    Sparkling Bling Collar!
    £12.95  Delivery From £2.00 & Free Returns

16 Item(s)