We’ve just hit the May Bank Holiday, which means summer’s warm months are just around the corner! Holidays at the beach, scrumptious barbecues and an abundance of sunshine are quickly approaching, which means many of us may be partaking in some last-minute workouts with the aim to get fit and toned!

But instead of heading to the gym while your pup whimpers in your absence, bring your pooch along for a workout both of you will enjoy. From the classic dog walk to swimming, you and your dog will have a fantastic time getting fit (which we all know will include lots of play!).

So take your pick, there are many fun-filled exercises to choose from!

Dog walks with a view
As one of the most common ways to spend time with your dog outdoors, a walk around the neighbourhood is both convenient and accessible from anywhere! Not only will you put a little pep in your step yourself, Fido will love strutting around the block and meeting other dogs while getting his daily dose of exercise. Walking also doesn’t require any special training and poses a low risk of injury to pets. Fancy changing up the backdrop? Jump in the car for a mini day trip to walk along a relaxing river or the countryside.

Swimming Dog

Fancy a dip? 
Talk about a refreshing workout! Take a dip into a pool, lake or sea for a cardio and resistance training packed workout the both of you are sure to enjoy! Be sure to pick up the Zogoflex Zisc Dog Toy for an afternoon full of great waterproof fetch! Many breeds adore the water, including most retrievers, spaniels and poodles, but not all. Stick to land activities with smaller breeds, such as Chihuahuas, bull dogs and pugs.

Run your heart out
Once you start running your puppy is going to be the one itching to stretch his legs! Whether you should sprint, jog or power walk will depend on the breed of your dog. Retrievers, Dalmatians and pit bulls will enjoy a brisker run, whereas toy breeds will be up for a slower pace with their little legs!

Play fetch! 
This one was probably the first to come to mind, right? The simple game is a great way to bond with your pooch while breaking a sweat. Running around your local park with your dog’s favourite toy is sure way to have fun while getting fit. As you dart from side to side, throwing a ball or toy, Fido will see it as an active game he wants to play! Not only will you be toning your arms with each throw and fitting in some cardio, your pup will heighten his agility, co-ordination and speed! Try the Zogoflex Glow in The Dark Zisc for a fetch toy fit for a king – day or night!

Doggie yoga
Yes, this is a thing! Your pup may not recognise the difference between downward dog and warrior poses, but he does understand relaxation! Whether you’re planking while he’s lying down next to you, or you’re doing seated stretches with him in your lap, ‘doga’ is a great way for you and your dog to stretch and refresh! Believe it or not there are quite a few yoga practices for dog-lovers and their right-hand pups, including Hummingbird Pilates and Yoga in Essex and personalised well-being sessions with instructor Mahny Djahanguiri in London. Namaste!

Have other active outdoor playtime ideas in mind? Let us know your and your pup’s favourite way to stay active in the comments!

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