When the temperatures start to rise in the UK, we humans have the ability to strip down, grab a drink and relax in the shade. The same cannot be said for our beloved pet dogs. Not only are they covered in a layer of fur, they are completely dependent on us to help keep them cool. Dogs feel the heat just like we do, and can get ill quickly if their owners are not protecting them from it.

  1. Keep Dogs Hydrated – This should be a no-brainer, but it is so important that it warrants mentioning. Don’t just put out a water bowl and forget it either. You don’t like warm water on a hot day and neither does your dog. Refill the water bowl often, even putting ice cubes inside to cool it down.
  1. Buy Your Pet a Plastic Pool – Many breeds love to cool down in a body of water, just like we do. If your dog spends a good portion of his summer days outside in the yard, give him his own small pool to splash around in.
  1. Cool Treats – You can make your doggie cool lolly’s in the summer-time simply by freezing broth. Any cold treat that is high in water content is a simple and tasty way to keep a dog from over-heating.
  1. Give Your Dog a Cool Spot – Indoors, a dog will seek out cool places to lie down, especially tiled floors. If your home or yard lacks a cool resting place, you can make one with a towel or blanket soaked in cold water.
  1. Don’t Forget About Travelling – If you frequently take your dog on walks or family car trips, don’t forget to pack some water for him. A collapsible bowl is a handy way to do this without having to worry about spills. You can even pack some crushed ice inside to ensure that their water is always cool.
  1. Keep Your Dog Groomed – Shaving is not the answer, as a dogs undercoat is a part of their natural cooling system. You should however keep it from getting matted. Matted pet hair prevents air from getting to the dogs skin and cooling him off.

There are of course things you should avoid as well in order to protect your dog in the summer. Don’t leave them alone in a car, not even for a minute, the RSPCA says when it’s 22°C/72°F outside, the temperature inside a car can reach 47°C/117°F within 60 minutes.

Make sure that if they are tied up outside there is shade and a plentiful amount of water to drink. When you take them for a walk, take them after the sun has started to go down and avoid putting their precious paws on hot tarmac.

Your dog is just as vulnerable to heat as we are, and it is your job as a responsible pet owner to protect them from it. The dog days of summer may be coming up upon us, but that doesn’t mean your dog has to suffer through them.

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