Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday… ah it’s finally Friday! Feel free to let out a sign of relief! After a long stressful week full of complicated to-do lists and work meetings, Friday marks the light at the end of the tunnel.

But wait, Friday just got better.

Grab a leash, some dog food and a chew toy with your packed lunch because Friday, 26 June is National Bring Your Dog To Work Day! Not only does the nationally recognised day allow you to spend in-office quality time with Fido, but it aims to raise money for charities that help puppy-farmed, abused and abandoned dogs find their forever homes and families.

In addition to having a cute fluffy face around, here’s why you should bring your four-legged friends to the office.

Productivity in the workplace
Believe it or not (and we definitely believe it!), there have been several scientific studies that concluded pets can reduce stress levels, increase job satisfaction, team co-operation and morale in the workplace. We mean, how can someone get worked up when there’s a precious golden retriever puppy in the room? When the going gets rough, take a second to breathe and play with your dog to regroup and refresh.

New dog-loving friends
A dog has forever been referred to as man’s best friend. Well why not let your best friend introduce you to new friends? Taking a walk around your office with your pup is sure to strike up conversation with colleagues you have yet to meet! Who knows … perhaps a work colleague also enjoys going to the dog park on weekends!

Dog Using Pet Runway

Embrace a day of fun! 
Who doesn’t want an abundance of laughter and happy vibes throughout their day? Dogs in the office can transform a high-stressed work environment into a light-hearted, positive atmosphere. A lunchtime walk with your dog is sure to put a little (or a big!) pep in your step, ready to conquer the day!

Give yourself a break
Having your doggie in the office will force you to step away from the computer and chillax every so often. Studies have shown that taking a short break to focus on something other than work will increase productivity and allow you to refocus. Getting some sun during a walk with your pooch may be just what you need!

Break a sweat! 
Not only will an afternoon break from your desk with Fido give you a chance to get some air, it will also give you a bit of exercise. A walk around the building will get your blood pumping for both you and your pooch. Not only will you let your furry friend outside for some much needed bladder relief, but you could burn off your lunch!

Giving back 
In addition to adding a little pizzazz to your day, you’ll be giving back to those in need. Businesses and individuals can register to make an online donation, which this year will go to dog rescue charity All Dogs Matter, which rescues and gives a home to abandoned dogs.

Now, that deserves a woof!

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