We all have moments in life when we feel out of sorts. Whether it’s a big change, a bout of illness or simply the banality of the everyday, your dog can get stressed out in the same way as you do. A key thing to look out for is a lack of interest in things he normally enjoys. This could include meals, toys and going for a walk. If you notice your four-legged friend doesn’t seem himself, and he is otherwise in good health, there are lots of ways to put a spring back in his step.


Running with Dog

We all know exercise is really important but if your dog is showing little interest in leaving the house, it can be difficult. Try changing your routes so he can experience new sights and smells. Another great way to reignite your dog’s passion for exercise is to take him to a dog day centre. Surrey Dog Centre, for example, caters for all dogs and has a specially designed agility course and an outdoor swimming pool.


Vet trimming claws

There’s nothing like a pampering session to dust away those cobwebs. Whether it’s a simple tidy up or the full works, a grooming session is not only relaxing, it helps to keep your dog healthy. Simply trim his claws, wash and trim his fur and clean his ears by gently wiping them with a damp cotton wool ball. Ask your vet for grooming tips. For a luxurious pampering session, pop into a pet spa (yes, really). From a pawdicure to a wash and fluff-dry, these little havens will have your pooch feeling brand new in no time. For a head-to-paw make-over, head to Pet Spa London.


Dog Massage

When it comes to de-stressing, massage is a fantastic way to relieve tension. Not only will a gentle massage help your dog to feel relaxed, it’s also great for bonding. If your massaging skills leave a lot to be desired, take your pooch to a professional. Essex Canine Massage use a variety of techniques including Swedish, sports, deep tissue and myofascial to help encourage a feeling of wellbeing.


Dogs Playing Fetch - French Bulldog

Like the best of us, your dog may be bored of his own company. Playdates are an easy way to make new dog friends: simply find someone with a similar sized dog and meet for regular walks. Ask friends and family members, your vet, your local dog centre or try Meetup, a social media site that facilitates meetings with like-minded people in your area.

Do you have any tips on how to cheer up your pet? Tell us in the comments below.

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