Bringing a new kitten into your home is an exciting time; you cannot wait to introduce this small bundle of joy to your friends and family. They will soon be a member of your family as you embark on a journey of lots of happiness and they will not only be a pet but your friend.

It is worth bearing in mind that taking steps in preparing to take your kitten home will most definitely make a huge difference to how they adjust.

Cats like children are creatures of habit, they will like things to be predictable and follow the same routine day after day. As you are likely to be taking them out of a familiar environment and transferring them to a noisy, moving car you cannot expect him to adjust to their new surroundings instantly. Suddenly they are faced with possibly new animals and new people. Unfortunately it does not matter how easy going your cat is, it will be a stressful time.  In order to make their transition as comfortable as possible we have put together some guidelines on how you can prepare.

Cat proof your home

Kittens like exploring and snooping around so their favourite toys may potentially be very harmful to them. Your home is the ultimate playground to them. Cord blinds can look very inviting and your favourite but toxic plant in the corner of the lounge may make their tummy’s rumble and a little nibble may be needed.  Cats are fantastic climbers but you may not be very impressed when they are clawing at your favourite table.

The best piece of advice to give is to put yourself at your cat’s eye level and take a look around at all things that would be interesting to a cat. You are then in a position to make a list of those hazardous items that you will need to deal with.

It is advisable not to wait until your kitten is home before you discover that you will need a litter tray or toys. Get them well in advance.

Kitten Collar

Your kitten shouldn’t start wearing a collar until she is 6 months old. Once she is 6 months old you should choose a collar that you can fit two fingers underneath for their comfort.

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Cat Carrier

Available in all shapes and sizes this is a must when transporting your kitten safely and securely. Think you won’t need one? Think again of those unexpected vet visits, going on holiday and taking home for the first time.

Litter Tray

Should be large enough to allow your kitten to dig around! Many people combine this with litter tray liners but some kitten’s do not like these. As you and your kitten get to know each other you will be able to establish what works for you both. Bear in mind these should be located away from their feed area.


The obvious and most needed item! They should have two bowls; food and water. Again as you build a relationship with your kitten you will see what food they prefer.

Scratching Post

Keep your furniture intact and invest in a scratching post. Early introduction will prevent chair legs being used instead. Not only are they fantastic for keeping their claws in good condition but are used as a sign of marking territory.

Cat Bed

Getting a bed in the early days will discourage your kitten from sleeping on your bed or furniture, unless of course you want your kitten sleeping with you. A blanket is a good substitute.

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