After a long day, comfy slippers, a cosy blanket and a bowl of popcorn in front of puppies on the big screen is just what the doctor ordered! What’s not to love? It’s the perfect way to chill out, relax and spend quality sofa time with your pet.

From Disney classics to action-packed films, our four legged friends have truly been some of the top dogs in a collection of star-studded casts. Take a walk through our doggie door and relive the tales of some of the world’s most favourite dogs!

Lady and the Tramp

Produced by Walt Disney in 1955, this truly heartfelt film highlights the adorable bond between a lovingly pampered cocker spaniel and a free-spirit mutt. From their exciting adventures to romantic candlelit dinners, it’s safe to say ‘Lady and the Tramp’s’ iconic spaghetti scene is one we will never forget!


Who wouldn’t want to cuddle with this pup? The golden retriever puppy in ‘Marley and Me’ started out as a little puppy that whimpered at the rain and thrived on tearing pillows apart. As an adult, he was the greatest protector and friend of the family’s three children. Family love at its finest.


Follow the yellow brick road! This little pup strutted down his owner’s side from Kansas to Munchkinland to Emerald City – now that’s love and dedication! The terrier not only escaped flying monkeys and a wicked witch, but was also there for Dorothy when the going got rough.


It’s hard not to love a sweet border collie called Lassie. Not only has Lassie been featured in numerous films, plays, radio programmes and novels decade after decade, she shows the special bond between a person and his or her pet.


Who wouldn’t want to surround themselves with a big, fluffy Saint Bernard? The 1992 family film ‘Beethoven’ embraces big dogs with big personalities! Now I’m sure many of us with want a cuddle from that cutie.


Yes, plastic toy dogs are held to a high standard on our list! The toy Dachshund in the Pixar hit ‘Toy Story’ brings spunk and sass to every scene. Known for his floppy ears, Southern accent, hot dog physique (equipped with a slinky!) this pooch understands the importance of loyalty and care for friends and family.

Chance and Shadow

The ‘Homeward Bound’ series embraces adventure and street smarts in the dog world that’s for sure. Chance and Shadow had to travel through unknown lands, rely on strangers and more importantly had to depend on each other. The story shows just how intelligent our four legged friends really are! They’re ready to conquer anything.

The Dalmatians

What’s better than one puppy? 101 of them! Each one sporting a different constellation of spots, the Dalmatians recognised the importance of individuality. Each pup has its own personality, story and playtime preference – that’s why man’s best friend is one of a kind!


The adorable Jack Russell Terrier from ‘The Artist’ stands by his owner’s side through the ups and downs of Hollywood life. Uggie is a star-studded example on the unbreakable bond between an owner and his pup.


Known as one of the most trendy and extravagant Chihuahuas of all time, Bruiser Woods has strutted his stuff all over – from sorority Delta Nu to Harvard Law School. As Elle Woods’ pooch, Bruiser knows how to shine style and smarts just like his owner.

We’re only hitting the tip of the iceberg of doggie movie stars … the list goes on and on. Which favourite doggie star of yours deserves an Emmy, tell us in the comments below?

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