Leaving your dog at home during the day, you miss your dog’s warmth and cheerful personality, however, your rendezvous with your dog in the evening uplifts your spirits. You cannot imagine being separated from your faithful companion for more than six to eight hours in one day. Because your dog reserves a special place in your heart, you have decided to embark on a holiday excursion with your companion by your side.

Travel safely in comfort, while minimising stress.

Whether you are visiting the beautiful dog friendly beaches in England, whisking away on a dog friendly adventure to Holywell Bay Fun Park in Cornwall or elevating your dog’s artistic personality at Brixham Heritage Museum in Devon, you are genuinely concerned about your dog’s travel accommodations.

From traveling to your destination to sightseeing with your dog, a few traveling recommendations will minimise your stress level.

  • If you are traveling by train in a sleeper compartment, you will need to contact the train company 48 hours prior to travel departure, so you can receive permission for your dog to accompany you in the same compartment.
  • If your car is going to embark a ferry, your dog will need to have an embedded chip because the dog’s chip will be scanned prior to boarding the ferry.
  • When you are in an elevator, on an escalator or sightseeing, your dog needs to be on a leash and comforted because the surroundings are unknown. In addition, you can carry treats to reward your dog for their good behavior, and water to keep your dog hydrated.
  • Enclosed areas such as motor vehicles, commercial transportation and hotel rooms can diminish your dog’s need for shade and ventilation. You can carry a solar blind with you to protect your dog from direct sun exposure, and open windows for natural ventilation.
  • Some hotels, bed & breakfast & camping grounds may have strict dog policies, therefore, you can create a video of your dog’s demeanor and send it to your holiday accommodation, so they will feel more comfortable prior to your arrival.
  • If you are traveling solely by car, the idea of confining your dog to an enclosed carrier is not an option because it limits your dog’s ability to move, or stand up in a sitting position. The Urbanpup Car Seat Dog Cradle is a convenient traveling solution for your dog.
  • Remember to bring water for your dog on the journey so they don’t overheat.

Dog in car

The Urbanpup Car Seat Dog Cradle is a safe and comfortable travel solution for your dog.

  • The dog cradle securely attaches to your car seat, so you can feel confident that your dog is safe during active travel times.
  • Your dog can lay down comfortably for a napping session, or sit up to enjoy the sights with you.
  • A strap that connects to your dog’s collar is an added safety feature, so your dog will not be tempted to jump out of the dog cradle.
  • The dog cradle folds flat, so it is easily stored in your car or you can conveniently carry it with you, while sightseeing on holiday.

Enjoy your doggy holiday. Both of you have earned it.

Whether your traveling adventure will lead to Rydon Farm Bed & Breakfast in Devon, the Riverside Hotel Kendal in Cumbria or the Broadhembruy Caravan & Camping Park in Kent, the Urbanpup Car Seat Dog Cradle is a convenient solution for your dog’s travel needs, while minimising your stress that your faithful companion is safe and comfortable.

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